Bosslet was on point


I greatly appreciated Gabriel Bosslet’s guest column in the July 29 edition of The Tribune.

Bosslet was on point about legislation underway in the Indiana state legislature right now.

I do, however, think Bosslet understated one portion of his column. Bosslet said, “The choice (to not take vaccination for COVID) was not made in a vacuum. It was bolstered by the messaging of many elected leaders who either remained silent about what science told us was the best way to protect ourselves and society, or just plain spouted untruths about what was going on.”

Bosslet was actually understating the role of at least the Indiana District 69 representative, Jim Lucas, who is still running a campaign against science on his Facebook page. He posts anti-vaccine propaganda on his page daily, even yet today.

Lucas’ unrelenting, constant disinformation on his fantasized danger of vaccinations, the safety of firearms and his conspiracy theories have had a negative effect on the health of his constituents and on Hoosiers outside of his district and state. Lucas thinks all of the bad disinformation he puts out is based on his concept of “liberty.”

When you see Jim Lucas say “liberty,” substitute the word “selfishness” and just see if it doesn’t fit better. The bottom line is, why do the voters of IN69 keep reelecting the most selfish person in Indiana to a job that requires looking out for the health and well-being of Hoosiers in his district?

John Fox, Seymour

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