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Facebook stokes anger for profit. Congress can demand it cool things down


Facebook doesn’t just provide a platform for those who spread disinformation and toxic discourse — it actively incentivizes those behaviors in order to hook users on its product. That’s the disturbing allegation by company whistleblowers and others, as highlighted in congressional testimony Tuesday.

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Top US commanders opt for blunt honesty


Congressional testimony last week by the top Pentagon officials charged with the Afghanistan pullout made clear that President Joe Biden opted against their recommendation against completely withdrawing U.S. troops. Instead, Biden insisted on a hasty pullout, leading to disastrous results. The advisers didn’t seem proud about their assessment, nor did they try to sugarcoat the Pentagon’s various missteps that blocked a successful end to the 20-year war.

Keep school boards non-partisan


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Get out and enjoy the county fair

It's just about here. Fair time, that is. And we've got one of best fairs there is right here in Jackson County.OK. Enough of...

Overheated rhetoric on voting laws

The Wall Street JournalThe Democratic narrative on voting is becoming unglued.“The 21st-century Jim Crow assault is real,” President Biden recently claimed. “We’re facing the...

Public notices proposal should be rejected

All Hoosiers should have easy access to government notices.Unfortunately, not all public officials feel the same way.On July 12, the Indiana Supreme Court proposed...

Indiana senator supports ‘diversity of thought;’ well, sometimes

South Bend TribuneIndiana Sen. Mike Braun has been very clear on how he feels about diversity of thought and the importance of making sure...