Deceased artists’ artwork on display at city hall


Over the past 30 years, Southern Indiana Center for the Arts in Seymour has been a haven for artists around the area.

Sadly, many have passed on. Their beautiful artwork, however, remains.

Don Hill, director emeritus of the center, has inventoried as many pieces as he can find, according to a news release from the center.

Since the city has made the hallways and wall space in city hall available to all artists, Hill felt this would be a wonderful place to display them.

“The artists were dear to our hearts, and this is our way of remembering them,” Hill said.

The following artists’ works are now in the SICA Deceased Member Collection on the walls of city hall: Sue Pogue, Odetta Wieder, Rose Ferjak, Marie Endicott, Avis Hoevener, Elaine Sterling, Shelby Harding, Mertice Johnson, Annette Test, Eve Bruce, Louise Symons and Jeri Berkerstock.

Hill said he knows there are several more and hopes others will show up. If you know of any and would like to have them displayed, bring them to Hill at the arts center, 2001 N. Ewing St., Seymour.

The artwork will always belong to the families who submit them, Hill said.

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