Black customer ejected from supermarket after slur complaint


BERLIN — German supermarket chain ALDI has apologized after a Black customer who had complained about another shopper’s racist slur was ejected from a Berlin store.

Prince Ofor, a German-Ghanaian dance teacher, posted a video on Instagram that showed workers and other shoppers shouting and throwing cardboard boxes at him on Thursday. Ofori said he had objected to a customer’s use of a racist term to describe chocolate-covered marshmallows.

In response, ALDI Nord said late Friday that it had contacted Ofori to apologize.

“But we also realize that an apology alone isn’t enough,” the company said.

“The incident in our Berlin story will be investigated so that further lessons can be drawn from it,” ALDI said. “As a first step we have severed ties with the staff member in the video due to his inappropriate behavior.”

The company said it would not tolerate racism, “neither in our own ranks nor in society.”

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