Letter: Hats off to the squirrels


To the editor:

In these times of scary pandemics and social unrest, we still have the simple pleasure of seeking solace at a park.

Even if concrete surrounds you, one can escape to a park. And at these parks, I’ve noticed another helper in the community: The ever-present squirrel.

I’ve often wished others would be more aware of the trash they discard. Luckily, our friend the squirrel helps to relieve those of us whom are aware of the importance of preserving the atmosphere of our parks of our duty to pick up the trash left behind by others by using some of the debris in the making of their nests.

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However, this is a very small percentage of their nests and should not be interpreted as an invitation to good-reason away one’s obligation to dispose of their trash properly.

But the park also belongs to them, the squirrels. And my hat’s off to them. Let’s appreciate them and the parks we share them with.

James Eric Watkins, Seymour

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