Rumpke seeking to renew Medora landfill permit


Rumpke of Indiana LLC recently submitted an application to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for the operating permit renewal for Medora Sanitary Landfill, 546 S. County Road 870W, Medora.

According to the IDEM notice, the applicant intends to construct and operate new equipment (insignificant) activities that will emit air pollutants; therefore, the permit contains new or different permit conditions. In addition, some conditions from previously issued permits/approvals have been corrected, changed or removed. 

IDEM has reviewed this application and has developed preliminary findings, consisting of a draft permit and several supporting documents, which would allow the applicant to make this change.

A 30-day period for public comment regarding renewal of the permit, first issued Aug. 23, 2010, started with IDEM’s posting of the notice on its website Dec. 2. The public comment period ends Jan. 1, 2021.

A copy of the permit application and IDEM’s preliminary findings has been sent to the Jackson County Public Library, 27 W. Main St, Medora, and IDEM Southeast Regional Office, 820 W. Sweet St., Brownstown. A copy of the preliminary findings is available online at

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