BZA to discuss wedding barn and new fire station


The Jackson County Board of Zoning Appeals plans to discuss the approval or denial of construction of a new wedding venue in Seymour on Tuesday night during a meeting at the courthouse in Brownstown.

The Crothersville-Vernon Township Fire District also plans to start the process of gaining approval for the construction of a new fire station near Uniontown.

Christina McMurray is applying for the special exception to construct the wedding/event barn venue in a forest and recreational zoning district. If approved, the venue will be located at 2668 W. State Road 58, Seymour.

The decision on the proposed venue was tabled at the previous BZA meeting after a motion to deny the application failed to pass.

Instead, it was decided to table the decision to give board members time to physically see the property before making a decision.

Board members are not allowed to talk to each other about the application until Tuesday’s meeting and cannot talk to McMurray or the public about it either.

No public input will be allowed at the meeting and discussion of the application will strictly be between board members. The meeting, set to begin at 7:30 p.m., is open to the public and press.

The fire district is seeking a special exception to construct a “public safety building” in an agricultural zoning district. If approved, the new fire station will be at 334 S. U.S. 31.

Lynn Howard, president of the fire district, said the main purpose of the request is to get zoning approval to complete a purchase agreement of the property where construction could begin.

The purchase agreement is for a 5-acre parcel for $86,000.

“I have to be able to get it through zoning,” he said. “If it passes zoning, then I can fulfill the purchase agreement.”

Howard said he was uncertain about when the fire station will actually be constructed.

“We don’t have building plans, we don’t have anything like that set yet,” he said. “Once we acquire the land, we can go forward and say ‘This is our land’ and we can start designing what we want to do on the land from there.”

Howard said the fire district has spent the last couple of years locating land where the fire station might be located and if the could be purchased affordably.

The main intent of constructing a new station is to provide better fire protection coverage and respond to emergencies quicker in the area.

“We can get to our trucks quicker, they can get in and out quicker and get better response to their areas,” Howard said.

He said another benefit to the additional fire station is that homeowners within five miles will have lower home and fire insurance premiums.

The meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Jackson County Courthouse.

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