Immanuel Lutheran Ladies Aid meets at Seymour church


Ladies Aid 3 of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Seymour recently met with 17 members and two guests present.

Linda Kamman and Elinor Brown were hostesses for the evening.

The meeting was opened with the singing of the hymn “Shepherd of Tender Youth” and reciting Psalm 150.

Pastor Jimmy Rodriguez shared a devotional after announcing a new church deaconess, Anna Benter, who will be serving her internship in Canada. His message emphasized the life Jesus lived with all kinds of people, even those in “low places.”

We are encouraged to seek solutions outside of ourselves, he said, and forgiveness finds a receptive ear, even to those in “low places,” and this earth is filled with sinners that Jesus now calls friends.

President Sandee Helwig called the meeting to order. Reports were given and responses to several nursing home visits reported.

Carlana Able informed the group of plans to attend a play in September, and Helwig reported plans for the Nov. 4 arts and crafts show are progressing well. Mary Jan Koop updated everyone regarding the luncheon plans for this event.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be Oct. 17.

The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

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