On the record for June 10



Jackson County

Natasha Dawn Rooks, 29, Hanover, warrant, bond pending or no bond required, 3:24 a.m. Friday.


Eric Bass, 32, Mason, Georgia, possession of marijuana, dealing marijuana, possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, bond pending or no bond required, 1:34 p.m. Thursday.


Jackson County

Disorderly conduct involving two females yelling at each other, 100 block of South U.S. 31, Seymour, 5:10 p.m. Thursday.

Fraud involving Facebook Marketplace, 5300 block of North Moon Street, Norman, 2:56 p.m. Thursday.

Theft of metal stairs for a church, 4600 block of North U.S. 31, Seymour, 8:16 a.m. Thursday.


Identity theft reported at a motel, 200 block of South Commerce Drive, 3:37 p.m. Thursday.

Fraud reported at a business, 100 block of Blish Street, 2:57 p.m. Thursday.

Male trespassing at a manufacturing plant, 800 block of East Third Street, 2:57 p.m. Thursday.

Agency assist with a K-9 unit for a state police detail, 400 block of North Jackson Park Drive, 3 p.m. Thursday.

Drug investigation, northbound Interstate 65 at the 48 mile maker, 2:57 p.m. Thursday.

Agency assist with a Jackson-Jennings Community Corrections detail, 2600 block of Outlet Boulevard, 2:20 p.m. Thursday.

Fraud reported to the police station, 205 N. Ewing St., 2:15 p.m. Thursday.

Personal injury wreck, 1600 block of East Tipton Street, 1:41 p.m. Thursday.

Drug investigation, Interstate 65 at the 55 mile maker, 12:29 p.m. Thursday.

Property damage wreck involving a car and a semitrailer, 500 block of West Tipton Street, 12:25 p.m. Thursday.

Female lying in a ditch, Outlet Boulevard, 10:31 a.m. Thursday.

Marriage licenses

David C. Brooks, 42, and Amanda G. Pennington, 42, both of 7367 N. U.S. 31, Seymour, issued June 8.

Kassidy Taylar Brock, 24, and Caleb Matthew Monroe, 27, both of 315 Redding Road, Seymour, issued June 8.

Kimberly Ann Valentine, 46, and Jeffrey Alan Williams, 48, both of 6789 S. State Road 250, Seymour, issued June 8.

Maria Ashley Nicole Lopez, 25, 5010 S. County Road 550W, Columbus, and Ronald Lee Abner, 45, 721 Centennial St., Seymour, issued June 8.

Brady James Collier, 29, 479 Cornerstone Ave., Seymour, and Ariel Lynn Axsom, 27, 304 S. Main St., Edinburgh, issued June 7.

Elizabeth Bernadetta Wehrkamp, 22, and Brayden Michael Trinkle, 22, both of 7770 E. State Road 250, Seymour, issued June 7.

Jacob Matthew VonDielingen, 23, and Madeline Suzette Bell, 22, both of 377 Mutton Creek Drive, Seymour, issued June 7.

Randall Scott Smith, 57, and Teresa Sue Anderson, 54, both of 2590 S. County Road 310W, Vallonia, issued June 7.

David Lee Branaman, 28, and Rubi Gabriela Gomez Ortiz, 30, both of 104 Cardinal Drive, Seymour, issued June 6.

Mary Carrigan Kelsey, 26, and Christian Michael Mahoney, 27, both of 934 N. Elm St., Seymour, issued June 5.

Darwin Damian Aguilar Lopez, 26, and Dasha Renae Deaton, 25, both of 112 N. Bethany Road, Crothersville, issued June 2.

Andrea Yadira Almaraz, 20, 623 Peak Ave., Seymour, and Landon Brady Johnson, 20, 313 Glenbrook Drive, Seymour, issued June 2.

Clarissa Pearl Shirley, 18, 6067 S. County Road 900E, Crothersville, and Curtis Eli Thompson, 18, 1270 E. County Road 100S, North Vernon, issued June 2.

Vickie Lynn Thomas, 67, and Rodney Alan Reynolds, 61, both of 20 Carolyn Drive, Seymour, issued June 2.

Jackson Superior Court I


David B. Clark, 1037 Rebecca Court, Seymour, v. Bobby Joe Clark, 2020 Franklin Court, Apt. 4, Franklin, married Nov. 5, 2010, separated March 28, 2011,, filed June 5.

Germain Diaz Ramirez, 466 R. Pardieck Ave., Seymour, v. Julia Alejandra River Olivia, 640 S. Vine St., Seymour, married July 8, 2021, separated Nov. 3, 2022, filed June 5.

Jenna R. Martinez v. Larry J. Martinez, both of 206 W. Tanner St., Brownstown, married June 25, 2016, separated May 29, 2023, filed June 2.

Cody N. Skinner, 910 Holly Drive, Seymour, v. Candace Crum, 1367 S. County Road 150W, Brownstown, married April 4, 2021, separated March 15, filed June 2.

Zackie Allan White, 661 School Hollow Road, Milton, Kentucky, v. Ashley M. White in care of the Jackson Jennings Community Correction Work Release Center, 325 Dupont Drive, Seymour, married April 2017, separated August 2021, filed July 1.

Justin W. Montgomery, 607 Meadow Court, Seymour, v. Tausha L. Montgomery, 8705 W. County Road 150N, Medora, married July 8, 2016, separated May 16, filed May 30.

Small claims

Shannon England v. Dean Walters Services LLC, seeking $6,475, filed June 7.

Receivables Management Partners LLC as agent for the collection of Jackson County REMC and Decatur County Hospital v. Bobbie J. Langtange, 218 N. Water St., Brownstown, seeking $2,821.41, filed June 6.

Receivables Management Partners LLC as agent for the collection of Schneck Medical Center v. Angela Lynn Williams, 1076 Sunset Lane, Seymour, seeking $7,867.24, filed June 6.

Receivables Management Partners LLC as agent for the collection of Community Health Network, Emergency Physicians of Indianapolis PC v. Brian D. Simkins, 1524 Westgate Road, Seymour, seeking $3,581.93, filed June 6.

Janet E. and Thomas W. Darlage, 9325 W. County Road 750N, Seymour, v. Cathy Garza, Christ Hall and Carlos Garza IV, 115 S. O’Brien S., Seymour, seeking possession of premises, $500 in unpaid rent and unknown damages, filed June 2.

Wetzel Properties LLC, 3530 Regents Court, Seymour, v. Ashley Cochran Ison and Elmer Ison, 3504 N. County Road 1040E, Seymour, seeking $3,600 in damages to rental property, filed June 1.

Chance M. Russell, 700 S. Jackson Park Drive, Seymour, v. Keisha Cheyenne Jackson, Jason A. Jackson and other unknown tenants, 824 S. Pine St., Seymour, seeking possession of premises and $4,742 in unpaid rent, filed May 31.

Gabriel Fernandez, 681 Peak Ave., Seymour, v. Ashley Marie Easley, 525 R. Pardieck Ave., Seymour, seeking $800, filed May 26.

Ernesto Igancio Gaspar, 429 E. Walnut St., Brownstown, v. Alice Marie Easley, 525 R. Pardieck Drive, seeking $1,300 in damages, filed May 26.

Martin Sebastian Juan, 743 S. Jackson Park Drive, Seymour, v. Alice Marie Easley, 525 R. Pardieck Drive, seeking $1,300 in damages, filed May 26.

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