Loyal Devoir Society meets at Central Christian Church


The Loyal Devoir Society of Central Christian Church recently met in the fellowship hall of the Seymour church.

Paula Stafford welcomed everyone and thanked Group 4 for being the hostess. She then gave devotions about the history of Earth Day and followed with prayer.

Judy McDonald read the minutes, and they were approved. Betty Guinn gave the treasurer’s report.

There was no old business.

Under new business, Janice Brock suggested members show their appreciation for our firefighters. She called to find out how many firefighters are in the department but hasn’t received a reply. Stafford said members would discuss it at the next meeting.

There was an idea that the group might have a bake sale for Mother’s Day, but nothing was decided.

The next meeting will be the society’s birthday party on May 23. Group 1 with Barb Bentley as leader will be the hostess.

The meeting closed with the Mizpah Benediction.

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