Getting ready for spring


Easter Sunday, a day of great significance on the Christian calendar, will be observed by thousands of persons in Seymour and Jackson County who will fill the churches, large and small, on Sunday to pay devout homage to the resurrection of the Christ.

Churchgoers will be refreshed and inspired by the special music and the messages of hope and assurance from the pulpits.

Easter is a time of rebirth, and it is traditionally linked with the arrival of spring. The warm sunshine and the balmy air reminds everyone that the worst of the winter is over.

Soon, the woodlands will be in full foliage, early spring flower’s already have appeared and in a few weeks, the later varieties will lend their colors to the countryside. On the practical side, farm work will soon be in full progress. Fields will be cultivated for the annual seeding of grains. Householders will give their attention to their lawns and shrubs, and other plans for the great outdoors are being developed.

The spring season brings stimulated trade in all kinds of merchandise. It is only a matter of days until winter wearing apparel will be discarded and replaced with hats, dresses, coats and suits suitable for the highest temperatures. There will be the usual demand for porch and lawn furniture, and the spring cleanup and paint-up tasks must be reckoned with.

Spring means a new season has arrived. There may be a few cold and blustery days, but the final assaults of winter will be of short duration. Warmer weather will find an enthusiastic welcome with people everywhere planning to make the most of it.

(Editor’s note: This editorial first appeared in The Tribune on April 2, 1956).

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