To the editor:

Our world is full of oxymoronic phrases, such as “physical education,” “political science,” “single-parent family” and lately “artificial intelligence,” and these are but just a few examples dreamed up by people whose primary functioning organ is a tongue uncontrolled by brain cells.

In the first instance, P.E. implies that a muscle can be educated. A muscle is incapable of thinking, but it can be exercised to enhance performance.

In the next instance, P.S. the known history of politics is the practice of skewing facts to one’s advantage while science is knowledge gained through systematic observation and study of the general laws of the physical or material world.

In this next one, S.P.F. is a destructive factor in our society created by some welfare agency bureaucrat, and simply an impossibility, a hoax for the first meaning of the word itself connotes “parents and child,” whether dwelling together or not, therefore, a family unit requires a female plus male and/or children.

On the event of a birth, if the male is not present or unknown and the female is unwilling or cannot identify her male partner, then a search made by legal authorities must proceed, including a common simple DNA test. A woman once truthfully remarked that men were placed here for only one thing since women could not reproduce by themselves.

The last recorded single-parent-birth happened more than 2,000 years ago to the Virgin Mary and her husband, Joseph (read “husband” again). But those were olden times. A word here about “single-gender-families” as now our country is seemingly in a constant tither. A company, just to fill an imaginary void in consumer demand, has introduced to our children gender-neutral dolls, “It Can Be a Boy, a Girl, Neither or Both” – how sick can our society be? This is surely beyond the realm of logic – a total pox on nature’s primal order of life.

This action proves yet again that there is no bottom to the depths of depravity in sick minds who promote such trash or in the minds of people who would introduce their child to such trash. This unstable world is confusing and challenging enough to young developing minds.

As reported so often these days, even some adults are still confused about gender and life’s relationships. A simple test will remove for all time confusion in those adults who still suffer about their gender: Go stand in front of your local hospital or police station and disrobe. Eventually, someone from the hospital staff or an officer of the law will likely approach and politely request that you retrieve your garments and come inside so as not to cause a public disturbance, where you will be properly gender classified and assigned a room or a cell.

And as for A.I. in the original version stood for “artificial insemination,” so will these drones reproduce and replace us? We humans hope not.

John Richcreek, Seymour

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