Seymour swimming closes 2022 with win over Jennings County

Coach Dave Boggs said he felt like his Seymour swim teams closed out the first half of their season on a high note against Jennings County at the SHS pool on Saturday morning.

The Lady Owls won all three relays and four individual events to win the meet 122-61, and the Owls won two relays and six individual events for a 120-55 win. Both SHS teams are 10-1.

“We were home, and that’s always good,” the veteran coach said. “We swam a lot of different events today and tried to get some times on people and some ideas heading into Christmas break.”

He said during the break, he will have the athletes work to improve all parts of their swims, from starts to strokes to turns.

“We’ll work on technique to details to basic conditioning. We’re going to pound them pretty good for the next three weeks. We still have a lot of kids that still aren’t in top shape yet. Kids who didn’t swim in the summer are still working their way into shape. It just takes time. You just can’t rush it,” he said.

“We swim Floyd in January, and we’re hoping by that time, we’re getting pretty much into top conditioning and back into the swing of things and heading into the taper that way.”

Freshman Addy Castetter won the 200 individual medley (2:25.12) and the 100 fly (2:35.12) and swam in the winning 200 medley team. Freshman Laney Reinhart won the 50 free (28.32), and senior Katya Cox won the 100 back in 1:07.1.

Cox, Makenna Greenawalt and Sallie Nicholson were other members of the winning medley relay team, Reinhart, Kylie Grove, Lillian Simons and Carmyn Wilson teamed up to win the 200 free relay and Grove, Wilson, Nicholson and Cox made up the unit that won the 400 free relay.

Senior Nicole Rebber swam in two relays and in two individual events. She was on the 200 medley and 200 free relays that placed third.

“I had a good meet today,” she said.

She began swimming her sophomore year and said breaststroke has been her main event this season.

“I like the 200 freestyle relay better,” she said.

Rebber said her events are spread out throughout the meet so she has enough recovery time between them.

“I like individual events better. They are more competitive, and I like the competitiveness of them,” she said.

Rebber said the swimmers have 6 a.m. practices on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so they have to be dedicated to the sport.

“I get a lot out of practices,” she said. “I focus more on beating my times. I don’t try to beat anyone else. I just try to improve. I enjoy meeting people that I probably would have never met if it wasn’t for swimming. I like spending time with those people.”

Senior Paul Montgomery led the Seymour boys by winning the 50 free (22.84) and the 100 fly (59.11), freshman Lane Mellencamp won the 200 free (1:57.38) and the 100 back (1:01.87), junior Larry Simons won the 500 free in 5:37.56 and Kaleb Brown won diving with 157.8 points.

Montgomery, Simons, Mellencamp and Will Proffer were on the winning 400 relay team, and Tristan Dowell, Wes Proffer, Dominic Dennis and C.J. Polley formed the winning 200 free relay team.

Senior Aaron Drake was second in the 50 free and 100 free and was on the 200 medley team that placed third.

“I’ve been swimming for 11 years now,” he said. “My main event has been the 50 free. I’m a dedicated sprinter. I like the 100 free, the 200 medley and the 200 free relay. I like the individual events because I like to see how I place individually.”

Drake said swimming requires a lot of dedication, and he likes to watch myself grow.

“Swimming is really a team aspect. If you did all the practices alone, I think you would get sick and tired of it. But since you’re spending so much time with your lane, you really get to know them, and you enjoy it,” he said.

He is looking forward to the big meets at the end of the season.

“I’m looking forward to see how we place at conference, where we’re at, and at sectional, I think I can get to state this year, probably in the relays, probably in both of them,” he said.

Drake said he likes to swim either third or fourth in the relays.

“If you see that you’re not in the lead, then you have the opportunity to put us right back in the lead,” he said.

“Swimming is such a long season that you can see your muscles grow and everything. It’s beautiful.”

At Seymour

Girls: Seymour 122, Jennings County 61

Seymour in top 5:

200 medley relay: 1-(Katya Cox, Makenna Greenawalt, Addy Castetter, Sallie Nicholson) 2:04.76

3-(Lauren Bode, Sydney Bush, Nicole Rebber, Laney Reinhart) 2:17.44, 4-(Krenzley Zumhingst, Staesia Fields, Emily Windley, Stephanie Lopez), 2:24.58

200 free: 2-Carmyn Wilson, 2:15:38, 3-Bush 2:22.02, 4-Lillian Simons 2:22.76

200 IM: 1-Addy Castetter 2:25.12, 2-Avery Miller 2:39.5, 3-Kylie Grove 2:29.72

50 free: 1-Laney Reinhart 28.32, 2-Nicholson 28.48, 3-Lopez 30.47

Diving: 2-Grace Lewis 143.35, 3-Kate Connell 128.3

100 fly: 1-Castetter 2:35.12, 4-Amber Ault 1:19.94, 5-Bode 1:20.32

100 free; 2-Cox 58.11, 3-Simons 1:05.56, 4-Nicholson 1:05.59

500 free: 2-Grove 6:13.71, 3-Bush 6:25.98, 4-Greenawalt 6:34.66

200 free relay: 1-(Reinhart, Grove, Simons, Wilson) 1:55.17, 2-(Ault, Bode, Avery Stewart, Greenawalt) 1:58.95, 3-(Lindsey Greenawalt, Miller, Rebber, Sophie Coates) 2:08.31

100 back: 1-Cox 1:07.1, 2-Bode 1:10.67, 4-Ault 1:20.06

100 breast: 2-M. Greenawalt 1:20.66, 3-Stewart 1:22.15, 4-Miller 1:29.18

400 free relay: 1-(Grove, Nicholson, Wilson, Cox) 4:08.47, 3-(Castetter, Bush, Simons, Ault) 4:24.81

Boys: Seymour 120, Jennings County 55

200 medley relay: 2-(Will Proffer, Chaze Combs, Wes Proffer, Caden Harriss) 2:02.46, 3-(Aaron Drake, Grant Smith, Jadrix Zumhingst, Larry Simons) 2:07.26

200 free: 1-Lane Mellencamp 1:57.38, 3-CJ Polley 2:12.76, 5-Lucas Jablonski 2:17.61

200 IM: 1-Will Proffer 2:23.08, 3-Combs 2:28.73, 4-Harriss 2:40.52

50 free: 1-Montgomery 22.84, 2-Drake 25.0, 3-Simons 26.16

Diving: 1-Kaleb Brown 157.8, 2-Cole Simmons 103.8

100 fly: 1-Montgomery 59.11, 3-Polley 1:12.74, 4-Wes Proffer 1:15.01

100 free: 2-Drake 55.9, 3-Zumhingst 56.86

500 free: 1-Simons 5:37.56, 3-Combs 5:48.06, 4-Jablonski 6:09.62

200 free relay: 1-(Tristan Dowell, Wes Proffer, Dominic Dennis, Polley) 1:50.5, 3-Brown, Ben Feldes, Alex Landes, Jablonski) 1:58.32

100 back: 1-Mellencamp 1:01.87, 2-Will Proffer 1:05.16, 4-Wes Proffer 1:16.13

100 breast: 2-Smith 1:18.65, 3-Harriss 1:25.4, 4-Feldes 1:27.68

400 free relay: 1-(Will Proffer, Simons, Mellencamp, Montgomery) 3:40.06, 2-Polley, Combs, Smith, Zumhingst) 4:02.55