How big is your God?


Last time, we explored the only two places in the New Testament where we are told Jesus was amazed. (see Luke 7:9)

If Jesus looked at the level of your faith today, would he be amazed? And if so, what is it that would amaze him? Would he be amazed by how big and how bold your faith is today? Or is it possible he would be amazed by your lack of faith? It’s a legitimate question and one we should all be willing to wrestle with. Because there is no question about it: Our faith in God matters to God.

Have you taken any specific steps of faith in the last week? Did you attempt something that was so big, bold and daring that if God didn’t come through, you knew you were in trouble?

Consider your prayer life. If God immediately answered “yes” to every prayer you prayed in the past seven days, what would have changed, if anything, in the world around you?

Would there have been someone healed of a sickness or disease, like cancer? Would a relationship or marriage have been restored because you were praying great prayers of faith on someone’s behalf? Is it possible there might have been a child who would have been adopted into a forever family? Or was your biggest prayer to ask God to bless your Wheaties? Would your biggest answer to prayer be that you made it back and forth to work safely?

Please don’t misunderstand, I am not trying to diminish these prayers. My wife and I thank God for our food. We are grateful for his protection.

But let’s be honest, how much faith is really required to pray these kinds of prayers? And what do these prayers say about the size of our faith or the size of our God? If the biggest thing you prayed this week was for God to be with you, which he has already promised to do, are we really demonstrating great faith?

For some, you would have to admit there would be nothing different in the world even if Jesus answered every one of your prayers with an immediate yes. That is because you didn’t pray a single prayer, and you don’t remember the last time you attempted anything big, bold or daring for the glory of God.

So would God be amazed at your great faith or would he be blown away by the fact you didn’t pray at all? What does this say about the size of our faith, or maybe even more important, about our understanding of the size of our God?

Steve Greene is the lead pastor at The Point in Seymour. You may email him at [email protected]. His weekly blog can be found at Send comments to [email protected].

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