Donations sought for free snack program at pool


A local nonprofit organization is seeking donations to go toward providing food for kids who hang out at the pool.

SNAK, which stands for Summertime Nutritional Assistance for Kids, was started by Garvin Parmley a few years ago.

The program was at Shields Park Pool in Seymour this summer but also has been at Brownstown Pool.

Parmley said he started the program because when he was growing up, he would visit the pool frequently in the summers and didn’t have anything to eat.

“When I was young, I used to go to the pool and be there all day and didn’t have anything to eat,” he said. “Me and my sister would buy like Cheez-Itz sometimes, but I’d give them to her.”

The way SNAK works is every child gets a ticket when they arrive to the pool and they can use it for a free healthy snack, give it to someone else or put it in a basket for extra tickets for others.

Seymour Parks and Recreation Department Program Director Chad Keithley said more than 4,000 snacks were given out at Shields Park Pool last summer.

There are different sponsors every year for the program, and Seymour Seventh-Day Adventist Church sponsored it this year, Parmley said.

He said the church was the first one he had visited about providing support for SNAK, and it was immediately on board.

The ultimate goal for SNAK, Parmley said, is to expand the program to cover pools in Seymour, Brownstown, Columbus and North Vernon.

For information about SNAK or to make a donation, visit

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