City changing sewer bill adjustment policy


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Effective July 1, the Seymour Municipal Sanitation Utility will no longer grant sewer bill adjustments for water leaks that are past two months old.

Sewer bills run one month behind water bills, so a higher-than-normal water bill should be the first indication of a problem, according to a news release from January Rutherford, the city’s public information specialist.

Customers should receive a sewer bill one month later based on the readings imported from Indiana American Water Co. matching that large water bill. This high sewer bill now gives customers another 30 days to research and correct the problem.

For example:

Water bill June 1 is $250 when it’s normally $50.

Sewer bill July 1 is $275 when it’s normally $55, bill is based on June 1 water reading.

Water bill July 1 is $250 when it’s normally $50.

Sewer bill Aug. 1 is $275 when it’s normally $55, bill is based on July 1 water reading.

In the above example, whether the water leak is fixed or not, the utility may give credit to customers for their July and August sewer bills if the water did not go into a sanitary sewer drain. The most credit given would be $275 – $55 = $220 for July and $220 for August. This is the maximum credit given, whether the leak is fixed or not. If the leak exceeds two months of sewer bills, the following bills will be 100% the responsibility of the customer.

For information, contact Seymour Clerk-Treasurer Darrin Boas at 812-523-5881 or email [email protected].

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