Brownstown council approves $2.16 million budget for 2022


BROWNSTOWN — Brownstown Town Council members put the finishing touches on a $2.16 million budget for 2022 during a special meeting Friday afternoon at the town hall.

The adopted budget and property tax levy will face further scrutiny when the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance reviews it later this fall. That agency, which can make adjustments, will then certify the budget later this year or early in 2022.

The budget includes a general fund of $1,164,250 to be funded through $740,167 in property tax revenues with the remainder financed with miscellaneous revenues. This year’s certified general fund budget is $1,025,500 with $639,327 funded through property tax revenues. General fund monies pay for police and street department operations and other offices.

Other budget estimates for 2022 to be financed in part by property tax revenues compared with this year’s budget in parentheses include debt service, $120,450 ($42,150); motor vehicle highway, $253,100 ($328,400); park and recreation, $151,400 ($145,000); and cumulative capital development fund, $50,000 ($30,000).

Overall, the 2022 budget of $2,167,450 also includes budget estimates of $55,850 ($56,175) for the cemetery fund; $162,000 ($162,000) for trash service; and $4,000 ($4,000) for continuing education for law enforcement.

The budget further includes a fund for income tax revenues estimated at $80,000, riverboat wagering tax revenue of $15,000 and $56,000 in revenues for a local option income tax for public safety.

In an unrelated matter, during a regular meeting Oct. 18, the council also approved second reading of a measure to make the intersection of Bloomington Road with Frances and Elm streets a four-way stop. The ordinance will require approval on third reading to be enacted.

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