GOP has nothing to offer on climate catastrophe


To the editor:

Your Wall Street Journal opinion piece published Aug. 5 against a proposed Civilian Climate Corps shows us once again that when it comes to the existential challenge of our time, all the right has to offer is smug cynicism and inaction.

For the last three decades, while many in the Democratic Party have shown resolve and creativity to meet the challenge of climate change with bold action, right-wing pundits and so-called conservative politicians have offered nothing but obfuscation, obstruction, inaction, and anything but conservative values. Now that the climate catastrophe is truly upon us, they still want to cling to fossil fuels and business as usual.

Young Americans, as you head back to school, beware of those who think your future is not worth saving. The Republican Party aka The Grand Old Party is clearly too old to be concerned about meeting the challenge of decarbonizing our infrastructure and conserving the life-sustaining gift of God’s creation. They cannot see past their own short-sighted greed and act as if “and to our Posterity” is not in the Preamble to the Constitution.

Like the writer of the piece, instead of action, all they have to offer is the same old dead-end obstruction. When our house and your future is on fire, all they want to do is make a joke of the whole thing.

Steve Plasse, Crothersville

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