Locals share impact fathers have made on their lives


Father’s Day is Sunday.

Each year, it’s a time to celebrate and honor fathers and father figures.

The Tribune asked local residents to share what impact their father or father figure has made in their life and what great advice he has given them. Here’s what they had to say.

Mike Johnson

Our father, Mike Johnson, has a humble old soul. He is one of a kind, and there are not many like him. If I could describe him with one sentence, it would be that he’s my rock, my foundation. He built me to be the person I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful. He’s hardworking, and his goal was to give us the best life possible, and in that case, he succeeded. He has taught me to treat others how you would want to be treated and how to be responsible. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad/role model. I appreciate everything you have done and still do for our family. We love you. (Written by Madyson Johnson)

Jesse Garrett

I want to wish Jesse Garrett a happy first Father’s Day. We have created such a beautiful human being, and you are the best dad our baby girl could have. You are such a hardworking man, and we appreciate everything you do for our little family. We love you. (Written by Madyson Johnson)

James Schneider

To describe my dad, I like to refer to the song “Daddy’s Hands:” “Dad is the hardest-working man I know. He works sun up to sun down and even finds time to be with his family. This man is nonstop but is always there when his kids call. My dad is a quiet but kindhearted man. He shows his love by being there helping every way he can.” The biggest impact Dad has made in my life is the knowledge of being raised on a farm, from getting involved in 4-H showing livestock to learning how to drive a tractor and help with the farming. This is one hobby Dad and I share together besides hunting and fishing, some of the other great things he has taught me how to do. While growing up, Dad would always give funny little advice to remember in life. They were funny and pointless, but I will never forget them just because of how much they made us laugh when he told them. “Always follow the rows of the corn when walking through a cornfield” is one advice he would say all of those nights we spent coon hunting because you’ve got to come out somewhere. (Written by Veronica Sons)

Bill Betz

Bill Betz is my stepdad, and he has raised me since I was 3 months old, and he’s working on adopting me. He is the best dad I could ever ask for. He has been here to help me with anything since Day 1, and no one could ever replace him. He supports everything I do, and I love him so much. (Written by Lee Riley)

Landon Sons

My daddy is the best daddy in the world. Every night, he tucks me into bed with a smile on his face telling me how much he loves me and says I’m his baby girl. I’m lucky to have him as a dad because he is always there for me, makes sure I have everything I need and cares so much for me. One advice my daddy has taught me is to stand up for myself. Be brave but also kind. Be a leader not a follower. (Written by Blakeleigh Sons)

Andy Maschino

I recently lost my father, Andy Maschino, in April 2021 due to COVID-19. In the short 14 years that I got to spend with my dad, he impacted my life so much. He was the kindest soul I have ever known. A great piece of advice he always gave me and my siblings was to always chase your dreams and not waste the talent you were given. Every day, I try and live by that and many other things he told me. I miss him daily. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! (Written by Isabel Maschino)

Terry Trotter

My dad was not only my dad, but he was the fill-in dad for many. At a tall 6 feet, 4 inches, he could look a little intimidating, but he was a giant teddy bear. He loved unconditionally and could always find the good in anyone. The thing I learned most from my dad is family first. Your family is your most important asset. Love them with all your heart while you can. Sadly, I lost my dad in 2019, but I have beautiful memories of the great dad he was. I attached a picture of him watching his granddaughter playing softball. One of his favorite things to do was be at the ballpark. (Written by Nikki Hercamp)

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