Boys and Girls Club to host MLB Pitch Hit and Run event

The Boys and Girls Club of Seymour was given a $10,000 grant from Major League Baseball, and a requirement to receiving the grant is that the club will host an MLB Pitch Hit and Run event in July.

“We got in touch with someone in the (MLB) commissioner’s office, and they sent us all the stuff for the event,” said Brandon Terrell, athletic director at the Boys and Girls Club of Seymour. “Then we just had to set up the signup and registration stuff.”

MLB Pitch Hit and Run is an annual event, but this is the first time the Boys and Girls Club of Seymour will host one.

Some benefits of registering for the event include the opportunity to receive a complimentary 2021 subscription, exclusive access to virtual and in-person youth softball and baseball programming and discounts on MLB licensed merchandise and equipment.

The best part of this event, though, is that it’s completely free to sign up.

“The registration started Monday,” Terrell said. “It’s free, so the goal is to get as many kids as possible.”

The way it’s set up is pretty simple: Kids ages 7 to 14 will get a chance to pitch, hit and run.

Each kid will have the chance to throw six pitches and try to throw a strike. They will hit six baseballs off of a tee and try to hit it the farthest, and then they will run from second base to home plate and get timed.

Kids can earn points based on how well they do in each event, and those points will accumulate to a total that decides the winner from each age group. Terrell expects to have eight different age groups between the boys and girls, so there will be eight different winners.

The winners of each age group will receive an award from the Boys and Girls Club of Seymour, but they’ll also be able to qualify for the regional tournament of Pitch Hit and Run. If an individual makes it all the way to the finals, they will participate in the Pitch Hit and Run at the MLB All-Star Game on July 13 at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.

The Boys and Girls Club of Seymour will host the Pitch Hit and Run event at 10 a.m. July 6 at Freeman Field.

To sign up for the event, go to and type in Seymour’s ZIP code and the registration will pop up.

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