Local sports roundup


Track and field


Full boys sectional results

Team scores: Seymour, first, 122; Brownstown Central, T-7th, 35

4×800 meter relay: Seymour (Michael Proffer, Kyler Leslie, Isaac Schafer, Carter Murphy), third, 8:51.94; Brownstown (Bradley Edwards, Andrew Wheeles, Waylon Lutes, Cameron Day), seventh, 9:17.06.

110 meter high hurdles: Josh Pennington (S), first, 15.41; Chandler Drummond (S), 16.92; Isiaah Engle (BC), seventh, 18.11.

100 meter dash: Reid Kruse (S), fourth, 11.53; Elijah Abner (S), eighth, 12.00.

1600 meter run: Brandon Kleber (S), second, 4:35.80; Jude Bane (S), sixth, 4:54.82; David Rose (C), 12th, 5:17.48; Traven Wellman (BC), 15th, 5:26.54; Aaron Fernandez (BC), 17th, 5:29.87.

4×100 meter relay: Seymour (Pennington, Abner, Drummond, Kruse), first, 44.91; Brownstown (Caleb Cummings, Lane Zike, Hudson Fritz, Jayden Steinkamp), fifth, 46.11.

400 meter dash: Garrett Driver (BC), sixth, 55.60; Proffer (S), seventh, 55.80; Evan Sibrel (BC), 14th, 59.16.

300 meter hurdles: Leslie (S), second, 43.28; Engle (BC), third, 43.46; Thad Goecker (BC), 10th, 46.70; Alex Franklin (S), 15th, 52.14.

800 meter run: Murphy (S), sixth, 2:15.66; Lutes (BC), 14th, 2:23.99; Adam Everroad (TL), 18th, 2:32.36; Connor Nichols (TL), 20th, 2:49.66; Edwards (BC), 22nd, 3:12.95.

200 meter dash: Bryson Darlage (S), seventh, 24.40; Cummings (BC), seventh, 24.50.

3200 meter run: Kleber (S), first, 10:08.60; Bane (S), fifth, 10:42.14; Wellman (BC), ninth, 11:31.86; Day (BC), 13th, 12:10.55.

4×400 meter relay: Seymour (Proffer, Pennington, Abner, Leslie), fourth, 3:41.67; Brownstown (Driver, Edwards, Cummings, Wheeles), fifth, 3:42.82.

High jump: Darlage (S), seventh, 5’10”.

Long jump: Darlage (S), third, 20’7”; Drummond (S), fourth, 19’8”; Steinkamp (BC), 11th, 17’8.50”; Fritz (BC), 17th, 16’6”.

Shot put: Preston Applegate (S), third, 43’9.50”; Brayden Millick (BC), 10th, 38’4.50”; Dustyn Kocsis (BC), 11th, 37’10.50”; David Juarez (S), 16th, 35’9”; Tim Hodge (C), 19th, 33’4.50”.

Discus: Kocsis (BC), second, 137’8”; John Ortman (S), fifth, 120’0”; Millick (BC), seventh, 119’6”; Applegate (S), 15th, 105’3”.

Pole vault: Drummond (S), first, 10’0”; Collin Hankins (S), third, 9’6”; Brady Blann (BC), 8’0”.

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