Column: Part II of the latest buzz

Since the last article created such a “buzz,” I thought I would do a Part II for, as the great Paul Harvey said, “The rest of the story” on when the bees arrived on the farm.

The bees were finally installed in their new home Thursday this week.

Four long years of waiting and I finally plunged into the world of beekeeping. Now, I’m the proud owner of roughly 10,000 flying gals. They move in and out of the hive, searching for all of the pollen the little flying insects can carry.

How do I know they’re all girls? Well, if you’re not up on all things “bee,” you wouldn’t know that it’s the females who carry the biggest load of ensuring the hive is well taken care of, food is gathered, young is reared, etc.

Their bodies have even been created with little “bags” on their legs that serve as carry pouches for the pollen they collect and bring back to the hive. Doesn’t it just figure that a lady would have a fashionable yet practical way to carry what she needs?

Now, as the days get warmer and stretch longer, you’ll find me cautiously peering at the side of the entrance to the new hive at my latest addition to the fauna of the farm. I am absolutely fascinated at the zigzagging of thousands of honey-colored flying marvels. I have not been stung as of yet, but like all things dangerous, it’s just a matter of time.

Just like when I first started collecting eggs from the chickens, the first group I had didn’t hiss and peck at my hand when I was collecting eggs from them. That definitely has changed. Now, I’m lucky to retreat from the coop without some sort of peck mark.

Which reminds me, dear ole’ Gertrude is expecting. Bet you didn’t expect that. Look for her to give her two cents worth in a future article. After five years, she will finally be a mother to (hopefully) three chicks, which are developing beneath her soft golden feathers. Won’t that be a photo opportunity?

Until next time…

Stephanie Strothmann owns Purple Shamrock Farm LLC in rural Seymour. Read her blog at Send comments to [email protected].

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