Indiana Tobacco Quitline celebrates 15th anniversary


The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is celebrating 15 years of helping thousands of Hoosiers overcome their tobacco addiction and live healthier lives.

Since it began in March 2006, the Quitline reports helping more than 180,000 tobacco users quit tobacco.

The latest statistics show 19.2% of Hoosiers smoke cigarettes. In 2011, 25.9% of Indiana residents considered themselves smokers. The national average is 16.1%. That means around 1 in 5 Indiana adults identify as smokers.

“There is help for those wanting to break the habit,” said Tosha Cantrell-Bruce, program coordinator for the Decreasing Tobacco Use Workgroup in Jackson County. “Through its free phone counseling, web-based service Web Coach and texting service Text2Quit, the Quitline can help you overcome your tobacco addiction and live a healthier life.”

Text2Start is a new and easier way for Hoosiers to connect with free counseling services and the individual services program, which provides increased flexibility through a choice of quit tools.

Since the Decreasing Tobacco Use Workgroup began in October 2019, approximately 120 Jackson County Hoosiers have used Quitline through doctor referrals or contacting 1-800-QUIT-NOW themselves.

To mark the anniversary, the Quitline is offering four weeks of free nicotine patches and gum to anyone who enrolls while supplies last. To receive your free four weeks of nicotine replacement therapy, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit for information.

In addition, Schneck Medical Center and the Jackson County Health Department offer a free smoking cessation program. Participants learn how to kick the nicotine habit and how to avoid the temptation to start again. For information, call 812-522-0401 or 812-522-6474.

The Decreasing Tobacco Use Workgroup is a sub-group of Healthy Jackson County and is funded by a grant by the Indiana State Department of Health Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission with Schneck Medical Center as the county’s lead agency.

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