El Salvador to commemorate surfer hit by lightning


SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — Surfers in El Salvador are planning to hold a “paddle out” Tuesday to remember Katherine Díaz Hernández, one of the country’s top surfers who was killed last week by a lightning bolt while surfing.

Surfers usually sit atop their boards at a distance from shore at paddle outs, and in this case they plan to share memories of Díaz Hernández, who participated in international competitions.

The 22-year-old was training Friday at El Tunco beach when people on shore saw her get hit by lightning. They brought her ashore but could not revive her.

Díaz Hernández started surfing at the age of nine, and was also well known in El Tunco for her skills as a chef.

Yamil Bukele, the president of the Salvadoran Sports Institute, wrote that “I greatly regret this death, and I join in the family’s pain.”

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