Pope decries lack of access to drinking water for many


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Sunday urged more efforts to ensure all people have access to drinking water.

Francis lamented that far “too many people have access to (only) a little water and that (which) is possibly polluted.” He encouraged all to “reflect on the value of this marvelous and non-substitutive gift of God,” adding that water “isn’t some good of commerce but “fount of life and of health.”

“It is necessary to assure the everyone has potable water and to hygienic services,” Francis said in his traditional Sunday noon remarks to the faithful.

“I thank and encourage all who, from various professions and responsibilities, work for such an important aim,” the pope added. In particular, he cited those in his homeland, Argentina, who are working on such water projects.

The World Health Organization says some 2 billion people use a source of drinking water that is contaminated with feces.

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