Warsaw opens murder probe into fate of 2 Poles in Mexico


WARSAW, Poland — Poland’s Foreign Ministry said Thursday that authorities in Mexico are investigating the death of a young Pole and the hospitalization of another, which Polish media have linked with alleged organ harvesting.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said he has ordered a separate investigation into what he called the “homicide and attempted homicide” of the two young Poles in Mexico.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Poland’s embassy in Mexico is in contact with local investigators and with the men’s local employer, and appealed to all to refrain from speculating about what had happened.

An autopsy is to be performed on the dead man.

Poland’s Onet.pl portal claimed that the men, aged around 20, had internal organs removed after they arrived in Mexico earlier this month for work arranged by someone in Poland.

Onet.pl said one of the men died after he had a kidney and other organs removed, while the other is in hospital in a coma.

The foreign ministry said the condition of the man in hospital is improving.

A third Pole managed to return to Poland, according to Onet.pl.

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