German police arrest man suspected of sending package bombs


BERLIN — A 66-year-old man in Germany has been taken into custody on suspicion he was behind three package bombs sent to food manufacturers and retailers, authorities said Saturday.

German news agency dpa said police identified the man as a retiree living in the Ulm area of southwest Germany’s Baden-Wuerttemberg state. His name wasn’t given in line with German privacy laws

He is suspected of being responsible for a package bomb that exploded last week at the offices of discount grocery store Lidl in the city of Neckarsulm, injuring three people. A second package bomb that exploded at the headquarters of food company ADM Wild in Eppelheim injured one person.

A third device addressed to baby food company Hipp was intercepted in Bavaria and defused.

Heidelberg prosecutors and Baden-Wuerttemberg state police are investigating.

Police said the suspect was not previously known to them and he did not not immediately give investigators a statement.

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