Letter: Community outpouring of help appreciated


To the editor:

After our house burned down on Nov 20th we have truly been blessed with an outpouring of help and support from friends, family, and people we don’t personally know in our community.

Driftwood Township Volunteer Fire Department and the Jackson County Sheriff’s office both responded to the scene with support and performed their jobs professionally and efficiently.

Our friends, co-workers of Valeo, Brownstown Central Schools, local churches, neighbors, and many others have rushed to our aid with love, prayers, caring and supportive words and generous financial assistance to the point where we feel almost overwhelmed.

Words can’t express our gratitude to each and everyone mentioned and others who have stepped forward. We are blessed to have so many people who care for our family and those who were called and done their jobs so well.

Our hearts are full of love, respect, and thankfulness to all.

Brad and Vanesa McKeown, Vallonia 

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