A call to action: The time is now


Timing. It’s everything, right? When Jamey and I were approached about leading the Jackson County United Way annual campaign, our initial reaction was “It’s not really a good time for us right now.”

Like everyone else, our plate stays pretty full. As we discussed it, we realized there would never be a “good time.” We began to view it as a great opportunity the opportunity to be involved in our community, to demonstrate the act of service for our children, and to impact the lives of those locally that just need that little bit of support in their time of need.

That was 2019. We had no idea what 2020 was about to bring — no clue of the physical, mental, emotional, and economic challenges that were about to present to our community. That would have been great information to have, but it wouldn’t have changed our decision. To be honest, it may have made the decision easier.

Last year, I participated in a poverty simulation. It was an emotionally taxing experience. Among my biggest takeaways were the feelings of desperation and loneliness. My “family” lacked the resources to meet basic needs. It wasn’t that we lacked ambition or a plan, we just didn’t have the means to set the plan in motion. We didn’t need a handout, we needed an opportunity. We didn’t need someone to do it for us, we needed someone to support us in our effort.

Opportunities and support are what our local member agencies provide. Their programming is built to drive positive outcomes for their clients’ education, health, and financial stability. But they can’t do it alone. I believe we were created to live in community. We all experience ups and downs, but we thrive when we have support from those around us. Our agencies need your support. Frankly, they need your financial support.

So my challenge, my appeal, my call to action to you: The time is now, step up with us. If you have already made the decision to contribute, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider your capacity to give. If these times have made it impossible for you to contribute financially, offer your time and/or talents. It all helps and is all appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Donate to Jackson County United Way annual campaign by sending a check to P.O. Box 94, Seymour IN 47274, by invoice or credit card by visiting their website: jacsy.org/donate, or texting JACSY to 313131.


John Doriot and his wife, Jamey Doriot, are co-chairpersons of the 2020-21 Jackson County United Way annual campaign. Send comments to [email protected].

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