Letter: Anti-Trump signs stolen


To the editor:

It is interesting to note a recent letter to the editor about their anti-Trump signs being stolen. Stealing should not be tolerated. There is no excuse for it. The problem we have in the United States is all the negativity. Our news media, newspapers and TV, are full of anti this and anti that. We need more positive reporting. There has been plenty of it to report. President Trump has done more for our country in his 3½ years in office than the previous four presidents put together, but it seldom gets reported.

I wonder why the people put up anti-Trump signs instead of signs for a candidate they support? I don’t like some of the things Trump says, but I do like the things he gets done in spite of all the roadblocks put in his way. He is right on about China. Actions speak louder than words.

Phil Cordes, Seymour

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