4-H’er and athlete: Zoe Fountain


The past two summers, The Tribune profiled local high school athletes who entered 4-H projects for the Jackson County Fair.

The 2020 fair was scheduled for this week, but it was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We still wanted to highlight the efforts that local student-athletes put into their 4-H projects, which were entered virtually this year. Look for profiles throughout the week.

Name: Zoe Fountain

School: Brownstown Central High School

Grade: Graduated in May

Sports: Cross-country, basketball, softball

Other school activities: National Honor Society, student council, Booster Club, Letterman’s Club

Number of years in 4-H: 10

4-H club: Outdoor Connections

4-H projects this year: Sewing for Fun

How do you balance your sports and 4-H responsibilities?

I balance sports and 4-H responsibilities by time usually, so sports are right after school. Then if I have extra time, I’ll work on my projects.

What is your typical schedule like during the summer when it comes to 4-H and sports?

I would have weights and conditioning three days a week, practices five days a week and usually softball tournaments on the weekends. I try to get 4-H done in any free time I have.

What is an average day like?

I would go to weights and conditioning early in the morning, then practice right after, come home and eat lunch, maybe take a short nap. Then more than likely, I would have another practice for a different sport in the afternoon, then come home and try to work on 4-H projects if I don’t have anything else going on.

Why are you involved in both 4-H and athletics?

I like to be involved in sports and 4-H because I stay busy all of the time. I always like to have something to do, and being involved in so many extracurricular activities does that.

What is something you’ve learned from 4-H that translates to your sports or vice versa?

Something I have learned from sports that translates to 4-H would definitely be leadership. It’s important to be a leader on the court or field so everyone knows what’s going on. This translates to 4-H because it can help. I now feel more confident in speaking up and leading in my 4-H club.

Why would you encourage someone in 4-H to also participate in athletics?

I would encourage someone to participate in athletics and 4-H because it really helps develop character and build up life skills that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t a participant of both athletics and 4-H.

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