Indiana Medicaid allowing telemedicine, telephone options


Staff Reports

To help contain the spread of the coronavirus, Indiana Medicaid will allow interactions between patients and doctors and other health care providers and Medicaid service deliveries to occur either over the phone or through the use of telemedicine technologies.

Most services — including covered mental health services and Medicaid home — and community-based services — will be reimbursed as if they took place in person, according to a news release from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

This policy will remain in place and telemedicine/telephone interactions will be encouraged as long as the state remains under a public health emergency declaration.

Such visits will be covered for both in- and out-of-state providers and for all covered services, with some exceptions for services requiring physical interaction. These exceptions include surgical procedures and radiology, laboratory, anesthesia, audiological and chiropractor services.

Reimbursement will be allowed for covered services for both traditional (fee-for-service) Medicaid and all managed care programs. Services rendered must be within the provider’s applicable licensure and scope of practice. Neither text nor email messages will be reimbursable.

Indiana Medicaid recommends patients call their health care providers to inquire about telephone/telehealth visit options, especially if the patient has an appointment scheduled.

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