Gym members find other ways to stay active


While the fitness center they normally attend is temporarily closed, members aren’t letting the threat of coronavirus and COVID-19 keep them from moving.

Many of them agree with the facilities shutting down after state officials encouraged them to do so for everyone’s safety.

“Considering you’re contagious before symptoms appear and the equipment is shared, absolutely the right call,” Amber White of Seymour said.

There are plenty of YouTube videos to work out to, and people can always walk or jog, she said.

Matt Nieman of Seymour agreed.

“There are loads of ways to get the workouts in without putting yourself or others at risk,” he said. “It’s not 100% necessary to go the gym, so just take a pause for everyone’s sake.”

Steve Stark of Seymour said it’s not his call to determine if the gyms’ decision was right, but it’s his choice to find a solution.

“For me, it’s CrossFit Seymour,” he said. “They have workouts lined up for in-home workouts along with live workouts to be involved in. Great stuff. Highly recommend CrossFit Seymour.”

Shawna Arthur of Seymour also said she believes the gyms made the right decision.

“Gyms spread more germs than anyplace I know,” she said. “I’m either working at home, taking my dog on walks or to parks for a really long fetch session. Anytime Fitness is also doing live videos for training clients and members.”

Jessi Langlie of Brownstown also goes to Anytime Fitness in Seymour but has adjusted to it not being open.

“It was the right thing to do. I go to the gym to improve my health, so closing it to keep me healthy is what is necessary right now,” she said.

While the gym is closed, she said she is hiking the forest trails daily with her malamute, Zoey.

Stacey Williams of Seymour said she’s glad to see Katrina Hardwick offer her Body Rock class virtually while Snap Fitness is temporarily closed.

“She usually teaches out of Snap and is 100% setting a great example and providing an amazing service to the community right now,” Williams said.

Emily Darlage, owner of Shining Spirit Warrior Martial Arts and Self-Defense, also is going virtual, doing video classes for her taekwondo students starting next week.

Seymour resident Deb Bedwell said there are several options while the gyms are closed.

“Getting out and walking. We all took gym class in school. You know there are exercises you can do at home, plus so many things to watch on videos about helping you stay fit,” she said. “Throw in a little yoga, and we’ve got this.”

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