Brownstown Central wins annual lift contest


Brownstown Central wins annual lift contest

Brownstown Central High School’s football team hosted its annual lift contest Monday night.

The Braves finished first in the team results, followed by Bedford North Lawrence in second and West Washington in third.

Braves head coach Reed May released his team’s results:

Jayden Steinkamp: 1-Big 3 index, 1-Clean index, 1-Squat index, 2-Bench index, 1-Clean, 3-Total pounds, 4-Squat, 7-Bench

Joe Wayt: 2-Clean, 3-Bench, 4-Total pounds, 6-Squat

Dustyn Kocsis: 2-Total pounds, 3-Clean, 3-Squat, 6-Bench

Nick Robbins: 3-Squat index, 3-Clean index, 4-Big 3 index

Xavier Huffman: 4-Bench, 6-Clean, 6-Total pounds

Brayden Millick: 4-Clean, 5-Squat, 5-Total pounds

Aidan Wayt: 4-Squat index, 5-Big 3 index, 7-Bench index

Reese Henry: 5-Clean index, 6-Squat index, 7-Big 3 index

Justin Howard: 6-Bench index, 6-Clean index, 6-Big 3 index

Cole Darlage: 5-Clean

Creed Gambrel: 7-Squat, 7-Total pounds

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