Being a Super Bowl fan


I was in Florida when the Super Bowl was in Miami. It would be played in a couple of days, the same as Groundhog’s Day, Feb. 2.

One of my friends asked, "Who are you for in the Super Bowl?" "Who’s playing?" I asked. Immediately one friend rushed over and felt my forehead. Another grabbed my wrist to check my pulse. "I have my psychiatrist on call all the time, I can get him over there within the hour." "No, this is serious, we must get him to the emergency room!"

"Are you serious, you don’t know who’s playing?"

"Is it that team that always wins, the one with the soft football?"

"No, no, they are not in it this year."

"What happened, did someone air up their ball?"

"It’s San Francisco and Kansas City!"

"Oh, who’s the underdog?" (I always want the underdog to win.)

"I don’t think there is one, they are very well matched."

"Then I’m for Kansas City, they are closest to us. I say they will win." (That’s as good of a way of judging the winner as that groundhog is judging the weather.)

"Aren’t you going to watch the game?"

"When’s it on?"

"Sunday, the kick off is at 6:30."

"Sure, I’ll do that."

"The pre-game goes on all afternoon."

"You mean when all those old has-been players tell everybody what they think?"

"HAS-BEEN!!! Those are our heroes! They were the greatest!"

"I thought Ali was the greatest."

"That’s boxing, this is FOOTBALL!!"

"Ok, I’ll watch it in my room."

"What about the party?"

"What party?"

"The Super Bowl Party, we always have a Super Bowl Party!"

"Oh, you mean where everybody eats wings, drinks beer and belches a lot?"

"You got it!"

"I think I will run over to Miami and grab a couple of tickets on the fifty-yard line and watch it there. You can see the cheerleaders better there."

"The cheapest tickets are over $7,000 each and they are in the nose-bleed section and they are all sold out!"

"I guess I’ll watch it here then."

"Good, you bring some chips, it’s in room 29."

I thought I might as well, since they are all hopped up about it. I do enjoy the commercials. Some are funny but I don’t always know who the sponsor is. And some of the half-time shows are good. They tell me J.Lo and her 11 year old daughter will be singing together so I’m sure it will be a family styled show.

Well, I was right about the winner. Kansas City won. It was a good game. I was totally wrong about the half-time show. The vaudeville burlesque shows back in my day, couldn’t compare to those movements. Anyway, I won the potato chip balancing on the nose contest at the party so that makes me a Super Bowl fan.

Don Hill is a resident of Seymour. The author of two books "Ramblin’s and Recollections" and "I Remember my Firsts…", he also has served as a volunteer at the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts for more than a quarter of a century.

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