Murphy family gathers for 46th reunion


The 46th annual reunion of the Alvin and Maudie Davis Murphy family was Aug. 4 in the annex at Crothersville United Methodist Church with 26 people in attendance.

Michael Payne gave the dinner invocation.

President Leroy Davis II called the reunion to order.

Eunice Lacey read a poem, "God Called You Home," unknown author, in memory of Bobby Murphy, husband of Rieta Murphy, son of Edgar and Virginia Murphy and grandson of Maudie and Alvin Murphy. It was discussed to buy a small stone for Alvin Murphy’s first wife, Margaret Ross Murphy, to have a marking for her.

The 2020 officers are Davis, president; Roscoe Peacock, vice president; Lacey, secretary and treasurer; Saudra Leahigh, scrapbook chairwoman; Betsy Ackeret, Robert Peacock and Karen Davis, refreshment committee; and Sue Payne, Julie Shunney and Loretta Riehl, entertainment committee.

JoAnn Webster will continue to buy flowers for the grave of Alvin and Maudie Murphy around Memorial Day.

The program committee gave prizes to the oldest present, Sue Payne; youngest present, Eva Bare; and traveling the longest distance, Janet Manger. Jessica Shunney sang some songs accompanied by her guitar. There were various games played and enjoyed by young and old, and everyone received a prize.

Lacey gave out some of the history of how Maudie (Collins Davis) and Alvin Murphy became a family. Alvin and Margaret (Ross) had five sons, and Maudie and Harvey Davis had four children. Then Maudie and Alvin had two girls. Both the families together made 11 children. All of the children are gone now.

Lacey gave out a sheet of their birth, death and the cemeteries they were buried. She also wrote a little about her mother, telling of life being rough when they as a family were growing up.

The rest of the day was spent reminiscing about the days of going to grandma and grandpa Murphy’s.

It was voted to have the reunion next year with a basket dinner at 1 p.m. Aug. 23 in the church annex.

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