Week before fair includes finishing projects, helping with check-in, prepping animals

As the Jackson County Fair starts, 4-H members have been working year-round on their projects and life skills.

This past week, I finished my tractor notebook on chemical safety. I also finished my coffee table that I have been working on since spring break.

Even though it is my last year to do these projects, I know that I will carry on what I have learned from all of my projects and put it to use in future years.

This past Wednesday, as a 4-H Junior Leader, I helped check in projects at the 4-H building. On Thursday morning, I served as an assistant to the judge, recording results and putting ribbons on projects.

Even though this has been a busy week off the farm, I still have had the responsibility of caring for my animals and preparing them for the fair. This includes clipping all 16 dairy animals throughout the week along with some assistance from my younger brother, Brayton, as he learns the steps in preparing for the fair.

Sunday was a busy day on and off the farm. In the early morning, Brayton and I fed the dairy animals and then spread straw for bedding.

After the animals were taken care of, we began preparing to bring all of the necessary equipment, feed and supplies by loading the trailer. We first loaded straw for bedding and hay to feed. Secondly, we loaded beet pulp, grain and calf feed for the upcoming days. Finally, we loaded the showboxes, which contain supplies to wash and groom the dairy animals.

Once the morning work was done on the farm, I soon had to get ready to escort for the upcoming queen contest. Later that day, I went to the 4-H building to see the results of my projects. My family also brought, unloaded and set up all of the feed, equipment and supplies we had previously loaded that morning. We planned to bring our calves and heifers on Monday morning.

Feel free to stop by the dairy barn and visit the 4-H members and their animals. If you have any questions about 4-H or the dairy project, I will be glad to answer your questions.