Spaying, neutering offered at upcoming event


Spaying, neutering offered at upcoming event

There are still openings for citizens of Jackson County to get their cats and dogs spayed or neutered through The Big Fix’s public spay/neuter event Wednesday.

The cost is $65 for dogs and $35 for cats.

For information or to get cats and dogs registered, contact Leslie Fittro at 812-276-3070.

Since The Big Fix of Jackson County started in 2017, 578 stray and feral Jackson County cats have been spayed or neutered. Crothersville is still in the lead with 233 surgeries, followed by Medora with 141. Seymour is quickly moving toward second place with 133 surgeries, and Brownstown is moving forward with 71 surgeries.

Donors that have provided funds for the surgeries include Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana and Werling Charitable Foundation of Brown County.

“Bravo to the fabulous trappers and the veterinarians who performed the surgeries,” said Cathi Eagan, founder and director of CanINE Express Transport Project who has led efforts for The Big Fix. “By fixing 578 community cats, approximately 7,000 cats won’t be born within the next 12 months.”

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