Committee supports Lucas’ bill protecting citizens using self-defense

The Indiana House Judiciary Committee voted Monday in support of District 69 Rep. Jim Lucas’ bill that would provide legal protections for Hoosiers acting in self-defense.

The Seymour Republican said under current law, anyone who uses justifiable force to protect themselves, their property or others around them is protected from criminal penalties but not civil. This means a criminal or their surviving family members have the option to file a civil lawsuit.

“Every Hoosier should have the ability and choice to protect themselves against someone attempting to fatally harm them or someone around them,” Lucas said. “Self-defense is a right, and citizens should not have to fear penalization for exercising it.”

Lucas said this legislation would protect those acting in self-defense from having to undergo a costly, tenuous civil lawsuit if their means of force is justified. It would grant immunity to a person forced to use justifiable self-defense from having a civil lawsuit filed against them.

House Bill 1284 can now be considered by the full House of Representatives. For information, visit