Trustees ready to begin service


Jackson Township’s new trustee is no stranger to the work of that office or even politics in general.

“I feel great and really honored to have won,” Linda Auleman said. “I think I’ve done a good job of running the recorder’s office, and now, I’m thankful to the voters who voted me in as trustee.”

The Seymour Republican spent the past eight years working in the courthouse in Brownstown as county recorder. Before that, she worked in the Jackson Township trustee’s office for six years under Bill Marsh, who she beat in the primary to set up Tuesday’s fight with Democratic challenger, John Burkhart of Seymour.

Auleman defeated Burkhart, a former mayor of Seymour, earning 3,646 votes or nearly 63 percent of the votes to Burkhart’s 2,151.

Auleman said she plans to move the trustee’s office downtown to a central location in Seymour so people will have easier access to the office.

“I want to be able to better help the people who need poor relief,” she said. “There will be some changes made, and they’ll be getting more.”

In Pershing Township, Republican Sharon Yost will fill the spot of trustee after she beat Democratic challenger Timothy Edington. Yost finished 329 votes to Edington’s 190.

“We had a really good turnout, and I was proud of the voters in Pershing Township,” Yost said. “I appreciate the people who took the time to come out.”

Yost said she believes it was her experience that earned her a victory. She had been on the advisory board for several years, and she also is involved in a lot of community activities.

“While serving as trustee, I would like to see the property be better taken care of,” Yost said. “As far as the Freetown Community Center, which is the old gym, I’d like to see it used more for the youth in the area.”

Republican Steve Ingle of Carr Township attributes his win over George “Pat” Bahan, a retired Medora school teacher, to his experience as a police officer and being retired volunteer firefighter. Ingle earned 306 votes to Bahan’s 167.

“People know and trust me,” Ingle said. “I am glad the people came out and voted and thankful for their support.”

Redding Township welcomes Republican Mark Adams, who earned 1,299 votes over incumbent Conrad “Connie” Calmer’s 510.

Seven trustees ran unopposed Tuesday night. They are Jennifer Saucerman Isaacs, Brownstown; Charles E. “Chuck” Lowery, Driftwood; Parke Hackman, Grassy Fork; Staci Lambring Eglen, Hamilton; Frank Fisher, Owen; E. Scott Kovener, Vernon; and Sharon Reedy, Washington.

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Township boards


Conner J. Barnette (R) – 1,190

Angela Blann (R) – 1,079

Jack R. Gillespie (R) – 1,220


Mary Ann Ault (D) – 208

Joe K. Campbell (D) – 204

Sharon Ingle (R) – 251

Bradley McCammon (R) – 220

Teresa Brewer (R) – 258


Gary Hackman (D) – 222

John Hartley (R) – 303

Blaine Bonebright (R) – 240

Adilee Spurgeon Phegley (R) – 186

Grassy Fork

Stan D. Darlage (D) – 140

Janette Elliott (R) – 204

Craig L. Klinge (D) – 152


George Mellencamp (D) – 357

Donald Schnitker (R) – 445

Howard Wente (R) – 408


Alicia Colglazier (D) – 1,762

Jessica Carpenter Payne (R) – 3,188

Brett Sciarra (R) – 3,513

Larry K. Sunbury (R) – 3,762

Erin Meadors (L) – 880


Jack E. Gilbert (R) – 360

Justyn Underwood (R) – 285

Steve Ritter (R) – 271


Thomas Ault (D) – 250

Todd Brumfield (R) – 259

Doyle Lyon (R) – 321

Joe McDermid (R) – 269


Patricia L. Hercamp (D) – 599

David “Dave” Merry (D) – 588

Max Noblitt (D) – 586

Sara Cunningham (R) – 1,047

Giles W. Spaulding (R) – 921

Salt Creek

Judy Goforth (D) – 52

Larry Smallwood (D) – 58

Clifford P. Kirts (R) – 58

Toby Laney (R) – 80


Odes Densford (D) – 501

Tyler Goodpaster (R) – 537

Allene Hougland (D) – 379

Roger Teipen (R) – 593


Richard Darlage (D) – 358

Alan J. Pollert (D) – 284

Richard Stuckwisch (D) – 341

Township trustees


Jennifer Saucerman Isaacs (R) – 1,732


George Patrick “Pat” Bahan (D) – 167

Steve Ingle (R) – 306


Charles E. “Chuck” Lowery (R) – 309

Grassy Fork

Parke Hackman (D) – 223


Staci Lambring Eglen – 606


Linda Auleman (R) – 3,646

John Steele Burkhart (D) – 2,151


Frank Fisher (R) – 480


Timothy Edington (D) – 190

Sharon K. Yost (R) – 329


Conrad E. Calmer (D) – 510

Mark Adams (R) – 1,299

Salt Creek

Floyd E. Fisher (R) – 108


E. Scott Kovener (D) – 698


Sharon Reedy (D) – 406

Seymour School Board

At Large

Nancy Franke – 4,710

Joe Tormoehlen – 4,344

Reuben Cummings – 3,082

Redding township member

John M. Kelley – 6,227

Washington township

Max Klosterman – 6,330

Crothersville Community Schools

District 2

Carly Blevins – 321

Linda Luedeman – 623

District 3

Rebecca Butler – 411

Ralph Hillenburg – 128

Tiffany Reynolds – 452

District 5

James Land – 782

Medora Community Schools

District 4 and 5

Larry Osborn – 258

Darrell Persinger – 298


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