Lifelong memories: Seymour senior thankful for time on soccer pitch


Keegan Sunbury said when the Seymour boys’ soccer team defeated Columbus North on senior night, it was a special win for him that brought good memories that will stay with him for a long time.

It also marked the first time the Owls defeated the Bull Dogs in Coach Matt Dennis’ coaching career, and it enabled the Owls to finish unbeaten at home this season.

Times like those are the ones that Sunbury will remember most.

Sunbury recently wrapped up playing four years with the Owls. He played in the midfield for SHS, and has been involved in the sport for 14 years.

Along the way, Sunbury played for the Seymour Cyclones and Indy Strikers club teams.

He helped the Indianapolis club team advance to a national tournament in Chicago.

With the Owls, Sunbury played junior varsity his freshmen and sophomore years before dressing varsity.

He is left footed and prefers to play on the left side of the field of the field to take advantage of his strengths.

“I used my speed a lot to run around,” Sunbury said. “I’m more of a crosser than a shooter, so I cross with my left foot. To make sure you are moving as a unit you’ve got to let everybody know.

“Say I’m running back on defense, I can tell the outside back that if there is a guy running up that they’ve got somebody behind them, so they can track them, and just make sure everybody knows where everybody else is at at the same time.”

Sunbury said he likes the physical part of soccer, and by seeing the same officials several times during the season he knows what he can get away with without getting a yellow card.

“We see about the same three refs about every time so we kind of know what they call and what they don’t call,” he said. “Each practice before the next game we work on what he wants us to work on in the game to get ready, depending on who the opponent is, that is what our practice is like.”

Sunbury said the main thing he enjoys about soccer, “is having so many different people you can count on to give the ball to, and you don’t always have to worry about doing your thing. You’ve got 10 other people out there helping you.”

He has enjoyed attending SHS.

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn,” Sunbury said. “There are a lot of different classes you can take based on what you want to do when you get out of high school to prepare you for college.

“It’s a big school but it’s a small town so you kind of know everybody. I’m going to miss everybody because when you go to college you kind if split away from everybody in class.”

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Name: Keegan Sunbury

High school: Seymour

Parents: Steve and Leisa Sunbury

Siblings: Delaney, Karley

Sports: soccer 4 years

Athletic highlights: Hoosier Hills Conference champs 2016, ’18, academic all-state, O-Cup champs

Organizations: National Honor Society, student government, church youth group

Plans after high school: attend Purdue University

Favorite food: Wings

Favorite TV show: Limitless

Favorite team: Purdue University


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