Letter: Letter to the editor Sherry Goad


Shame, Shame, Shame

All grassroots Democrats should be ashamed of their party’s leaders.

These leaders made a mockery out of the Supreme Court justice nomination process. For over two centuries (that is 200 years) the president of the United States, whether it be Republican or Democrat has nominated Supreme Court justices to fill vacancies and the opposing party has always joined the president’s party to confirm them.

Only in the past several decades the Democrat party has been questioning and in many cases refusing to confirm the nomination from a Republican president.

Today’s Democrat leaders can’t stand for Supreme Court judges to follow the US Constitution when they deliver their judgments. The Democrat leaders have become accustomed to the judges being able and willing to make up the law to suite the political wishes of the Democrats that put them on the Supreme Court.

The Democrats can’t stand not being in control. It is all about their loss of power. They are not interested in what is right for our country. They are only interested in regaining power so they can control our lives.

They want to prevent us from deciding our own destiny. Look at all the riots they have organized.

Is that the kind of country we want to live in? Is that the way we want our children to have to face in their everyday living? We must vote to unseat those who want us enslaved.

It is time the People take charge. “We The People” is a very strong force. This is the country of We The People, and not the country of any political party.

Shame on the Democratic Party leadership.

Sherry Goad, Seymour

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