Crothersville Town Council approves changes to burn ordinance



An opening burning policy is now in effect in Crothersville.

The town council recently unanimously passed an ordinance laying out the rules and establishing a fine system.

The ordinance states no one should kindle or maintain a bonfire or burn leaves, trash, refuse, rubbish, debris, garbage, construction materials or dangerous materials or dispose of those items by open burning.

People also are not allowed to knowingly furnish the materials for a fire or authorize a fire to be kindled or maintained on any street, alley, road, land or public grounds.

Residents will still be able to use an outdoor fire for cooking or recreation purposes in a public park as long as the fire is confined in a permanent facility specifically provided for those purposes.

The same rules apply to private land, too, except an outdoor cooking or recreational fire should be supervised by one or more adults at all times.

Only wood products should be burned, and a fire should be attended at all times until completely extinguished. If the fire creates an air pollution problem, a nuisance or a fire hazard, it should be extinguished.

People also shouldn’t burn during unfavorable weather conditions, such as temperature inversions, high winds and air stagnation.

Fires permitted with prior approval of the fire chief include celebrating Twelfth Night ceremonies, school pep rallies and Scouting activities.

Besides campfires, cooking fires and backyard firepits, all burning should occur during daylight hours, and all burning material must be consumed by sunset or the fire must be extinguished at sunset. No fire will be allowed to smolder after sunset.

Except in the case of cooking fires, all burning must take place at least 25 feet from a structure.

The council learned the fines for violating the ordinance have varied over the years. They wound up setting the fines at $50 for the first offense, $75 for the second violation and $100 for the third offense.

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