Employment reaches all-time high in Jackson County


The number of Jackson County residents with jobs reached an all-time high time in June, according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s most recent report.

That report, issued last week, shows that 22,735 people were employed in June. That was up 591 from June 2017.

The county’s unemployment rate in June, however, was 3.1 percent, up 2.7 percent from a month earlier and 3 percent in May 2017. According to the report, 720 people were looking for work in June, compared to 683 in May 2017.

Jim Plump, executive director of Jackson County Industrial Development Corp., said despite the slight uptick in the number of unemployed, everything looks pretty good.

“The workforce is increasing,” he said. “Wages are increasing, and from economic standpoint, all the signs are good.”

Plump said some employers find themselves in a tight spot because they can’t find workers to fill open positions.

JCIDC is trying to help by placing “Help Wanted” on social media and by other means to reach potential employees in other parts of the country.

The county’s unemployment rate in June was still below the state’s 3.6 percent rate and the nation’s 4.2 percent rate.

Bartholomew County with 2.8 percent was the only county in south central Indiana with a lower rate. Brown County also had a 3.1 percent rate in June. Other counties in the area and their rates are Washington, 3.6 percent; Jennings, 3.7 percent; Scott, 4.1 percent; Lawrence, 4.2 percent; and Monroe, 4.4 percent.

LaGrange County had the state’s lowest rate at 2.6 percent, and Vermillion County had the highest at 5.6 percent.

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