Lending a helping hand to a friend

Wednesday morning began with a 4-H group picture for my club.

We met promptly at 8 a.m. by the ready ring for Show Arena 1. The group leaders quickly took the picture and dismissed us back to our livestock and other activities.

Following the picture, I helped my friend, Emma Winks, prepare for her supreme showmanship debut. She asked if I would show her the ropes of pig showing. Upon her arrival, I asked her to brush off my pig and prepare her for the ring. After she got the pig brushed off, the pig was let out of the pen, and I showed her how to properly keep the pig’s head up and how to prevent the pig from running in the ring.

When I was done showing her how to show, she took the whip and tried to show. She did surprisingly well.

After she was done, Emma put the pig back in the pen, and we scoured the barn looking for the different pig breeds. She knew almost all of the breeds and could identify many of the pigs. I’m very proud of how much she learned in such a short time frame and look forward to watching her show.

I also took auction pictures Wednesday morning. Auction pictures are given to the buyer of your animal sold at auction.

Following auction pictures, I made sure all of my pigs had plenty of food and water and lounged around the barn for a couple of hours. Around 6:45 p.m., I headed down to the race track to sing the national anthem for the tractor pulls. I saw many familiar faces at the race track and enjoyed singing there.

Once I finished singing, my mom and I went to watch my cousin, Katie Deppen, show in the Waggin’ Pals exhibition. The show was quite entertaining, and I hope they get the opportunity to do it again next year.

After the exhibition, I got some dinner from Immanuel and headed home. Once home, Katie and I rehearsed our song for our creative dramatics performance Thursday at the pavilion. I’m very excited to watch everyone perform and finally see the results of creative dramatics.

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