Sisters take center stage in show arena

While the Tuesday of fair is typically one of the busiest days of fair week for myself, it was surprisingly calm.

When I arrived at the fair, I followed the regular morning routine: Clean pens, wash pigs, walk pigs. Once all of this was finished, I drove home to freshen up and change into my show clothes. I then drove back to the fair and made sure my pig was still clean and ensured that he did not need another bath.

According to the class schedule, I showed later in the show (Class 23), but my sisters showed closer to the beginning (classes 6 and 8). I helped them get their pigs ready and walked them up to the show arena.

My sister, Erica, placed third in her Duroc class, and my other sister, Mackinzey, also placed third in her Hampshire class. When it was my turn to show, I placed fifth in my cross class.

Erica showed once again after me and placed second. Placing second in a cross class means that the cross has a possibility of getting reserve champion of its weight division. While Erica did not get to show for reserve heavyweight cross, I’m still proud of her and everything that she accomplished.

I watched the grand champion drive at the end of the show, and I even had a few friends in there. Overall, today was a very fun day, and I look forward to showing again next year.

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