Fair week officially kicks into high gear

As the first official day of fair comes to a close, many thoughts are storming my head.

What else did I forget? Did I turn fans off? What show clothes am I wearing tomorrow?

All of these thoughts bounce back and forth in my head until I come up with logical answers. I probably forgot a lot when packing, but that’s OK. I did turn fans off. I’ll wear jeans and a purple shirt Monday.

A question that I have been thinking about a lot lately is, “When was the last time I washed my hands?” Due to a recent outbreak in the swine community, all pigs entering the fairgrounds are to have their temperatures checked to ensure they do not carry the flu virus. If the temperature is high, then the pig will not be allowed to participate in the shows this week and must be taken off of the fairgrounds.

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This virus can be spread to people, so please do not eat or drink around the livestock barns, and make sure to wash your hands after interacting with animals.

On Sunday morning, I sang the national anthem at the open horse show. After singing, I went to the swine barns to finish preparing pens for the pigs arriving Monday. My family and I placed feeders in the pens and fans on the wire above the pens.

We then washed the pigs that remained at the fairgrounds and then went home to take care of the other pigs at home. We cleaned out pens and washed pigs to ensure all the pigs are happy and comfortable.

Later, we gathered the miscellaneous items we forgot Saturday and loaded them in the trailer. My family then discussed a game plan for Monday. I checked the trailer and made sure it was filled with clean shavings and that the pigs would have a safe ride.

On Monday, my family and I would be transporting pigs from our house to the fairgrounds, and I was going to show my two gilts in the 4-H show beginning at 4 p.m.

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