‘On cloud nine’: Brownstown Central graduate named 2018 Jackson County Fair queen


With a tiara upon her head and a sash placed around her, Emma Zabor gleamed as she walked down the runway of the grandstand after being named 2018 Jackson County Fair queen.

The 18-year-old sponsored by Hackman Brothers Feed Co. was selected by four judges from 13 contestants. First runner-up was Maggie Rohlfing of Brownstown, and second runner-up was Grace Jaynes of Brownstown. Chloe Bryden of Seymour was selected Miss Congeniality by the other contestants to fill out the court.

The contestants were judged based off of individual interviews conducted earlier in the day and business and formal wear portions during the event at the grandstand.

Contestants welcomed the crowd to the fair and got the opportunity to walk down the runway for the judges.

Zabor, a 2018 Brownstown Central High School graduate and Seymour resident, said it was an honor to be named fair queen and came as a surprise.

“I’m a little bit awestruck,” she said after taking pictures with family and other contestants. “I’m on cloud nine, and it’s a real honor. I’m really excited to help and serve at the fair this week.”

She said the reason she decided to participate was because her grandmother wanted her to, and she thought it would be a good experience.

“I did this for my grandma, Mary Hackman,” she said.

Her family, parents Greg and Susan Zabor and sister Ellen, attend the fair each year with excitement, she said, adding it is something they always do together.

“Our family comes here every year,” she said. “Our favorite thing to do is go to the Sauers stand for food.”

The Jackson County Fair is a time for the entire county to come together and celebrate the community.

“I just love seeing all the families and kids here because this brings our community together,” Zabor said.

She said she was in 4-H for a year when she was younger, and she still supports her friends that are in the program. Zabor said it’s easy to see how much work goes into each project and show by simply walking throughout the fairgrounds.

“I like going through the barns because I have so many friends that show animals,” she said.

Zabor said she enjoyed the experience of the fair queen pageant. The day was spent with the other 12 contestants and preparing for her interview.

“I think one of my favorite parts was being with the girls all day,” she said. “I really enjoyed the interview part and giving other people a glimpse into my world and telling them about me.”

The judges got a glimpse of a girl who enjoys sports, spending time with her family and is excited to serve.

“I love to golf, and I’m very family-oriented,” Zabor said.

She also feels being crowned gives her an opportunity to be a role model for younger girls who attend the Jackson County Fair this week.

“I’d love to be a role model for younger girls, so I’m really excited to kind of show that throughout the week,” she said.

In between photos, Zabor said she looks forward to serving with her court, attending events each day and promoting the Jackson County Fair.

“I look forward to being with the other three girls, walking around the fair and showing people what the fair is all about,” she said.

Zabor plans to attend the University of Indianapolis this fall to study psychology and Spanish with plans to join the pre-occupational therapy program.

This story will appear in the Tuesday edition of the The Tribune.

Tribune photo by Aaron Piper| Emma Zabor takes her first walk down the stage as the 2018 Jackson County Fair Queen on Sunday after the Fair Queen Contest.
Tribune photo by Aaron Piper| Emma Zabor takes her first walk down the stage as the 2018 Jackson County Fair queen on Sunday after the fair queen contest.
Tribune photo by Aaron Piper| The 2018 Fair Queen Court including from left, Ms. Congeniality Chloe Bryden Second Runner-Up Grace Jaynes, Jackson County Fair Queen Emma Zabor and First Runner Up Maggie Rohlfing.
Tribune photo by Aaron Piper| The 2018 Fair Queen Court including from left, Miss Congeniality Chloe Bryden, second runner-up Grace Jaynes, Jackson County Fair queen Emma Zabor and first runner-up Maggie Rohlfing.

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