Take a step of faith while making changes in life


We have been thinking through the story of the prodigal son, found in Luke 15:11-24.

We’re considering what we can learn about the importance of change in our personal lives.

Unfortunately, some choose to remain in their pigpen. Others, who have left, sometimes choose to go back to their place of heartache, misery or disappointment. They have learned to be comfortable there.

In instances like that, they have determined that what they have may be undesirable, but at least it is certain. Since there are no guarantees for the future, they decide to stay put. It is so sad when that happens. They attempt to redefine their personal misery.

The thing I love about the prodigal son is that he chose a new path for his life. He decided to take action, and he decided to discard the old way of life in favor of something new and better. He decided to leave the darkness and walk into the light. He decided to climb over the fence and go home.

Do you think the prodigal would always remember his pigpen? Do you think he would always be able to tell the story of what happened that day? Do you think he would be able to describe how he felt when he was leaving the pigpen?

Of course, he could. That was a defining moment in his life. He would never forget it. Don’t you think he would always remember what it felt like to get back home? Would he remember the emotion that flooded his soul when he saw his dad come running to meet him?

When you are ready for genuine life change, you’ll have to take a step of faith, too. You may have to resign something, end something or get rid of some stuff. You may have to delete some old phone numbers, get rid of some things in your closet, move out of a destructive setting or end a certain relationship.

You’ll have to decide to slam the door on the darkness of your past as you take a step of faith that leads in the direction of the bright new future God has in store for you.

You are the only one who can make that decision. You get to decide if you will take that step of faith. Are you ready to step away from those things, those habits, those people, those environments that harm you? Are you ready to walk in the direction of the one who loves you? His name is Jesus.

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