Braves’ three-year softball starter leads by example

There isn’t anywhere Rilee Robinson would rather be than at the softball field at Brownstown Central Elementary School preparing for her next game with the Braves during the spring.

Robinson is a three-year starter at the high school, and has played several positions.

“My favorite position is probably third base,” Robinson said. “I like how much action you get, and I like having to react quick.”

She has also played some games at second base and shortstop this season, and played in the outfield last spring.

She said when there is a runner on base and the ball is hit to you, you have to make a quick decision as to where you are going to make a throw, and communication is very important, especially on a windy day.

“The wind affects some throws, too,” Robinson said on relay throws coming in from the outfielder. “I always look at the flag to know where the ball is going to go. Defense is probably my favorite.”

She says she looks forward to batting, and likes pitches over the inner half of the plate.

“I’ve been batting eighth most of the games this season,” Robinson said. “I struggle sometimes hitting the outside pitch. Other than that I can pull the ball.”

Robinson said she enjoys playing at home because of the fan support, and her knowledge of the field as far as how smooth the infield is, how the wind affects fly balls and what direction the sun is coming from.

“I just like home games,” she said. “We have a lot more energy when we’re on our home field.”

Robinson said the conference win at Charlestown was a big confidence booster for the Braves heading into late-season games and the sectional.

“We played really good (at Charlestown) so if we keep that up I think we’ll get there,” she said.

The Braves will play the winner of Charlestown and Corydon Central in the Corydon Sectional Wednesday.

She said you have to work hard in practice.

Robinson said she began playing softball at age 10, and it the only sport she has played at BCHS.

“I enjoy being outside more and that is why I enjoy softball, and then I just like having the team as my family,” she said.

She has enjoyed attending BCHS.

“I like the small-town community,” Robinson said. “I think the teachers know how to communicate with everyone, and they know everyone. I also like being able to know who is who with us being a small community.”

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Name: Rilee Robinson

High school: Brownstown Central High School

Parents: Tim and Amy Robinson

Sibling: Reed

Sports: softball 4 years

Organizations: National Honor Society, Booster Club, Letterman’s Club

Plans after high school: attend Indiana University Southeast, study business education

Favorite food: salmon patties

Favorite TV show: Dancing with the stars

Favorite singer: Kane Brown

Favorite movie: Safe Haven

Favorite team: Alabama